The Value of One

One person willing to do the work to change, one family banding together to create support, one church member willing to listen, one homeless shelter able to provide assistance, one staff member willing to encourage, one employer ready to give an opportunity, one success story inspiring others to succeed.

The value of one is quite remarkable if you take the time to notice, to care and to help another person in need.

Sometimes it is easy to overlook how each of us is connected to each other and how one person’s daily life can negatively or positively impact a whole community. What is the value of one single mother with two children living in our community?
  • Jennifer works full-time at a local business.
  • She pays rent to her landlord allowing him to pay his
    mortgage, local property taxes and homeowners insurance.
  • Jennifer shops at the local grocery store.
  • She buys gas at the local gas station and car repairs from a
    local mechanic.
  • She takes her children to local Physicians and Dentists.
  • On Sunday mornings the entire family goes to church. Jennifer
    gives what little she can to support the church that has been so
    supportive to her and her boys during their difficult times.
  • Jennifer is a part-time student at Edison College in Punta Gorda.
  • Twice every year Jennifer’s parents visit from New York. They love Port Charlotte and can’t
    wait to retire here. Since Jennifer’s house is so small, they stay at a hotel, treat the family
    by dining out, take the grandkids to play miniature golf and
    frequent matinees at the movie theater.